About Us

Savoring Tradition, Nurturing Excellence

At Noor Agro, we are the custodians of a rich heritage of Basmati rice. Our journey begins in the heart of India, where the finest Basmati grains are cultivated with care and reverence for tradition. With decades of experience, we have mastered the art of rice production, offering a range of premium Basmati rice varieties that embody purity, aroma, and flavor. Our commitment to quality, ethical practices, and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in bringing the essence of authentic Basmati rice to your table, ensuring every meal you create with Noor Agro is a masterpiece. Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition while nurturing excellence.

Exceptional Quality

Unwavering commitment to superior Basmati rice, ensuring purity and aroma with stringent quality control.

Global Reach,
Local Care

Global presence with a personal touch, understanding local preferences, and meeting international standards.

Sustainable and Responsible

Dedication to eco-friendly, ethical, and community-centric agriculture, caring for both the planet and its people.

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Our Working Process

From Field to Fork, Excellence at Every Step

Cultivation and Harvesting

Basmati rice is carefully cultivated, tended to, and harvested at the peak of maturity.

Processing and Milling

After harvest, rice is processed to remove husks and bran layers, ensuring purity and quality.

Packaging and Quality Control

The processed rice is meticulously packaged and  quality-checked for aroma, length, and purity.

Distribution and Export

Packaged rice is shipped worldwide, compliant with international trade regulations.

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